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Heal...By Any Feeling Necessary

You’ve tried it, ya know, all the dos and don’ts that “they” told you to do that sounds good but leaves you feeling worst.

You did step out of your emotions and was left feeling disconnected. You want to get over it, but don’t know how and felt stuck. You feel ashamed when you are scared because it seems like you are the only one who isn't fearless and courageous.  You try not to go too deep within and feel empty.

You're always searching to feel something, even if you don't like how you end up feeling.

In fact, you tend to feel first, then think and deep down you know that there is validity in your feelings but feel unsupported and alone in what to do about it. And because of this, you don’t seem to fit in a world that doesn’t value the very thing we were born to do and that we all do but when you are emotional it does seem to make your situation worse. So you conform, shut down, lash out, ignore, deny and avoid your innate response to your surroundings.

Emotions isn’t a switch for you, to turn on and off and you don’t want it to be but you feel conflicted. You wonder will you ever be grounded with an inner sense of security, stability, and even freedom that brings you the fulfillment and satisfaction you seek and leads to you figuring out why you feel the feels that you feel and to be able to verbalize and move through them as oppose to being stuck or tormented by them.

Feels familiar?

What I just shared is actually struggles and confusions and maybe you resonate with it. If so, good. You are in the right place and amongst good company with Emotional Activism Worldwide.

So, what is Emotional Activism?

Emotional Activism is going beyond finding your happy, it is about finding yourself in your anger, sadness, fear,  even shame to reach your highest self and potential.

What are your emotions trying to convey to you about you? That is the journey! That is what your heart is trying to get you to ask feel, and answer.

We all feel, we were born to and that is no mistake, it is what makes us human and also privies us to experience life deeply and intimately. Does it always feel good? Naw. But in an imperfect world, filled with many lessons, and blessings, how would you know when you are off track, when something is wrong, when you need to release, when you need to create boundaries, when you need to speak up for yourself, when you do something outside of your character and values, when you are pushing yourself too hard or not enough?

Your mind processes and analyzes these things but your emotions experience it all, through you and for you.

Emotional Activism doesn’t put you at odds with your intelligence, instead, your mind and heart align along with your body and spirit, as they are supposed to (SpiritSoulBody). No avoidance. No denial. No sugarcoating. You become real honest and raw about your feelings. No matter what the feelings are, you go to them not away from them. You listen and feel it out in order to fulfill your inner being aspirations by releasing and expressing and not suppressing or repressing.

All emotions are honored. There isn't a belief in emotions being negative or positive, although the energy that they carry can make you feel that way. Emotions have a purpose and regardless if it feels good or bad, they are all good and there for a reason to help you tend to yourself in some kind of way.

As an Emotional Activist you:

  • will invest in your emotional health and the impact it has on your well-being through gaining a better understanding of your feelings
  • will rally with yourself, your emotions, and other Emotional Activists to change the beliefs and narrative of emotions by dismantling Emotional Shaming and the myths that taught you (us) that to feel is an act of weakness or lacking intelligence
  • will learn how to flow in and with your emotions instead of trying to control them or being controlled by them
  • will create a sacred space (inside and out) that honors, supports, and cares for every part of your inner being
  • will embrace emotional realness as the means to emotional wellness 
  • will equally acknowledge, appreciate, and accept all of your feelings 
  • will feel powerful yet comfortable in all of your emotional states
  • will proactively ensure your feelings are not rooted and grounded in a negative place, so that when you are in your feelings, it is from a healthy stance
  • will  develop an emotionally stable foundation to be the foundation of your desired state of being
  • will take emotional risks with and within yourself by being vulnerable and accountable  
  • will get in yo' feelings and not out of them so that you feel, feel, and feel, unapologetically, yet naturally

In essence, to be an Emotional Activist is to contradict all that you have been taught, believed, or even said yourself when it comes to your perspective, emotionally. 

Many will offer you nothing else except to tell you what to do but who is willing to go beyond and show you why and how to do it?

Emotional Activism Worldwide meets you where you are at in order to reach your defined personal success.


Emotional Activism Worldwide.....

 is an Emotional Realness brand specializing in personal and professional enrichment. Our mission is to provide a global platform that shifts the conversation about emotions using a simple yet revolutionary approach that teaches, raises awareness, and connects people with their feelings and improves their quality of life.